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Do You Have a Case of the Muundays? Tubing Might Help.

Today is the first day that it really hit me. We have a President for the first time in eight long years. On one hand, this realization gives me a great deal of pleasure and very real feeling of trust and security. On the other hand, the great morass that awaits President Obama is giving me an extremely a sick feeling in my tummy. I wonder how he feels?

Monday January 26, 2009. The day in 100 seconds.

I actually am beginning to like this guy. He is an amusing diversion for me these days.

The amusement is certain to fade quickly.

I don’t mean to be offensive, but this guy gives me the willies’.

This was good to see. And needs to be resolved quickly, as it is clear that Al Frankin won. Warning, the tube is a bit long.

Sorry to be boring tonight. Just in case you were not aware, politics can be very dull. Oh and usually is unpleasant. There is a reason they compare it to making sausage.

Not sausage, just another one of my favorite movies of all time.


  1. Hollede

    with only a few dozen days over zero is giving me a bad case of the Muuudays. Hopefully tonight will be the last 20’s below evening for a while. At least give us a few days we can wear shorts again. Something in the high 20’s with no wind or snow? Oh well, looking forward to March.

    If you have never seen it really cold, here is is. No tricks, these are legit.

    Turn boiling water into something else instantly!

    The following is true, I have seen it done.

    This is a very common experience if you are stupid enough to leave the house with wet hair.

    I have never seen this and will need to try this later tonight. It is only minus 17 right now and thought I would wait until it is 25 below in a couple of hours.

    You can actually combine the following with frozen hair. Yes, you can break your hair.

    This looks like fun. Need a bigger towel though.

    See what fun we have in Minnesota. At least I don’t live in North Dakota.

    But I did live there for many years. Why do the cars in ND (and Minnesota) all have electric plugs hanging out the front grill?

  2. Hollede

    It is currently minus 25 and I can report that the bubbles did freeze. Pretty cool. Heh.

    Ok lame joke….








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