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Thank God the Grownups are Here

Finally, the drapes are ripped open and the cobwebs are being swept up and checked out. And a new feeling of openness is in the air.

Ooop! So not everyone is happy. Why is John Cornyn holding up Eric Holder’s nomination again?

I really wish someone would make me a picture of all of them in their future orange onesies and encased in leg and waist irons. Set to music. Oh hell, make me like musicals, and do a freaking Broadway show of the future bush chain gang.

Back to the grownups. Do you get the feeling things were much worse than we ever suspected?

Have employees of the State Department just been set free as well?

I don’t mean to be such a blogwhore for TPMtv and Headzup. They just give me such wonderful and instant grat, I cannot help myself.

Ooh. The day January 22, 2009 in 100 seconds. Jughead has been on a week long rant bender. Intervention may be required. Please send letters of concern to MSNBC and his family.

On the other hand, the Democrats are looking so very gooood. I really like that smart is cool these days.

More fun competence.


  1. sricki

    I have been beaming over all of this for awhile, actually. She will be a spectacular SoS, and getting to see more of her always makes me happy. Took me awhile after the primaries ended to get used to not seeing her as often.

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