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Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy! Tubes for all of You.

All the important moments of Christmas Eve day. Wednesday December 24, 2008 in 100 seconds; brought to you by the fine folks at TPMtv.

Awwww. Mr Cheney get’s a visit from an old friend.

In his next life, Cheney should have to be a candy striper for all of the Iraqi people injured in the war. And that cannot come soon enough.

In case you missed it, Tuesday December 23, in 100 seconds.

Oh hell, I might as well post Monday December 22, 2008 in 100 seconds while I am here. I wonder why I do everything backwards?

Fred Thompson says he is going to bring a spark to the boring old Billo radio show. Let’s see just how jazzed he is.

Finally! The lil’ shrub fesses up.

I loves me some Headzup.

TPMtv has posted the top 5 nominees for the Golden Dukes Award. More from TMPtv:

Your Daily Politics Video Blog: Yesterday we announced the much-anticipated nominees for the 2008 Golden Duke Awards. Today for your holiday viewing pleasure we bring you a reel of the 5 nominees in the category of Sleaziest Campaign Ad. Be sure to stay tuned for the announcement of the Golden Dukes winners on December 31!

I am rooting for Libby to win, but this is one tough competition.


  1. Hollede

    It was always a stressful time for my family. Lot’s of expectations for ‘magical moments’ and the Christmas spirit and so on. The expectations were never met of course, so I learned to dislike the holiday, and was a scrooge for many years.

    Over the past few years I have come to enjoy the season. And even though neither of us are Christians, we exchange gifts, and have come to celebrate the holidays and the time when the days begin getting longer. We have many months of winter ahead of us, and there are so many things to do during this time of year. I am happy I got some very warm Uggs and a new phone (it takes videos and pictures and other cool stuff. I had the same boring phone for over 3 years, so yay, new toy!) and Ani is very happy with her gifts as well.

    Amongst the gifts I gave my parents was a cartoon I drew of my father sitting in a bar with a can of Bull Frog in front of him, replying to a buddy; “Happy? Of course we are happy. Marcia wouldn’t have it any other way.” My Dad asked me to make the sketch, as my Mom has lamented the loss of this particular cartoon, many years ago, during one of our many moves. It’s a family joke and probably makes no sense to anyone else.

    My Dad asked me to do this last week and I was able to get a really nice draft done right away. I want to keep working on it and maybe we will have a montage of the sketches at our cabin. However, I am a horrible procrastinator and put off mailing the package. I was stunned even though I did not get the overnight package mailed until Tuesday am, they actually received the gift this morning. Maybe a bit of holiday magic, or at least hard working postal workers, making sure my present got to my folks by Christmas in spite of me.

    They liked the gifts and the toon very much. It was a total surprise for my Mom, so I am happy I sent it. While none of us are able to spend the holidays together this year (thank goodness) I feel so much love for my partner and our “kids” and for the rest of my family. I have been learning to lessen the stress and the guilt and have had a lovely holiday season so far.

    So with that rather long explaination, I will post this rather scroogy animation, because I thought it is very funny. It is not really Christmas friendly, so beware, but if you are kind of twisted, it might just make you laugh.

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