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Lame DUCK and Cover! YouTubes and Toons *Updated*

I could watch this all day long! Oh and slow mo totally rocks.

He does have good reflexes. I am told the shoes were a size 10. Heh. That would have left a mark.

After Ani watched it, she remarked that she was humiliated by the fact our (so called) president had not one, but two shoes hurled at him, while in another country. This man is not just the worst (so called) president, he a monumental joke.

I am certain that we will need to start registering our shoes with the government.

Uh oh. Some other folks do not seem to like our mr bush very much. From the AP on November 21, 2008.

Is this what they meant when they said we would be greeted as liberators? Candy, shoes ~ what’s the difference?

Oh wait, in Arabic culture, throwing a shoe at someone is the worst insult possible.

This all got me thinking about the ‘lil shrub, so I took a YouTube tour of some of the more amusing ditties and toons about the (still) current occupant of the White House. How many bloody days are left before he is gone?

This Jib Jab Tube was remarkably prescient three years ago. It remains germane.

So how did that work out for you george? Oh yeah, not very good.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. What would george ask Jesus?

This toon is bushie boy’s words put to song. In some ways, I am going to miss this guy. I wonder if we couldn’t just keep him around as a mascot or something.

George W Bush Singers – Deep Thoughts ~ Part 1

and Part 2.

What are we ever gonna do when we don’t have the little bush to kick around? I cannot wait.  


  1. anna shane

    Wow, this is catharsis for the entire world.  That Shia reporter is the new hero of the world. It’s unlikely that Bush will be brought to justice or face any consequence for his disastrous decision to invade a nation without provocation, but he’s now a joke, in the Arab world, and that’s a kind of justice. The reporter called him a dog, and threw shoes at him.  He was called out for creating the cemetery that is now Iraq.  He was ridiculed, and if he’s too dumb to know it, the rest of us know.    

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