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I know a lot of our fellow Moose commenters and Moose lurkers are not the biggest fans of the DailyKos.

I completely understand why you would feel this way if you see it from a primary wars prespective.

It wasn’t pretty much of the time and it was ugly a lot of the time.

But we have to move on. If the rallying cry from many primary Clinton supporters, Obama supporters, ex Obamabots, and ex PUMA’s who are now on board is to … MOVE ON.

I agree.

Let’s ALL move on.

In defense of DailyKos. It’s biggest asset is what can put the spotlight on some of it’s infamous and negative comments.

The scope and size of the place.

Hundreds of thousands of comments.

Thousands of diaries and commenters.

It would be pretty easy to find just about anything(body) there!

Disgusting behavior. Check.

Smears. Check.

Rumor mongering. Check.

Kind of hard to find ANY blog– except the Moose of course  ; ) which doesn’t have their fair share of douchebags and assholes.

Of course…this spacemanspiff character posts there …


Trusted users know what a hard job it is keeping DKos clean.

The hide bin is crazy (although I find it quite amusing).

DailyKos is more than a blog where egotrippin frontpagers dish on the latest gossip and breaking news (it’s def that also).

It’s a community.

It’s such a big community that you could easily lose yourself in it with barely coming across a post you feel is out of line.

You don’t like the tone of the diary and comments?

Move to another one!

Was there Clinton bashing?


Was there Obama bashing?

Before Edwards dropped out there was plenty of that.

Are there annoying assholes on DailyKos?

Annoying assholes are everywhere!

As a latino I am extremely proud of Markos and what he has accomplished. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he SUCKS as a pundit and is way off base a lot of other times. The man is under a huge microscope and he will slip up.

All of us have written things we are embarrassed and ashamed of posting. It’s hard to crank out thousands of comments without slipping up. The difference with Markos, and the reason why I defend him (and rag on another well known blog owner) is because he has built and INCREDIBLE community.

Markos understands that a blog has more to do with the quality of the community than the quality of the frontpagers.

Focusing on comments and blog posts ONLY will cause you to miss the mark on what the DailyKos really is.

I know a lot of you stopped posting on the Orange Satan but I hope you haven’t stopped lurking.

The DailyKos community is like NOTHING out there because of the sheer size and activity.

It is the central hub of the progresive blogosphere in which the Moose is a player.

The New York City of Left Blogistan.

We might not like the message half the time but that doesn’t mean we can completely ignore it either.

I am fairly certain that a majority of Moose are also Kossacks ( as in have an account there).

The same goes for members of other smaller Left Blogistan communities.

What I’m trying to say is that Kos is a lot more than just Kos.

Why all this semi-inchoherent rambling?


I wanted to share this link.

Kossacks Networking For Jobs and Community

Friends of DailyKos – A Gathering Place


I dare you to surf and check it out and not be touched.

It’s an incredible site!

The person who brought it to life says :

I created this site after reading a heartbreaking post on DailyKos. My idea is to create a gathering place to share job opportunities, services, resources, network, find and give support. My hope is that we will build real community here. Create a blog, add discussions, start a group, add pictures of your kids and pets, make this your place. The site will work only if everyone contributes and if we all help spread the word.

Posted by Judy on November 10, 2008 at 7:30pm

Another post from a pioneer of the site.

Building An Effective Social Networking Site – seeking your input

This site is here because Judy had the initiative to create it after seeing several diaries and comment threads on DailyKos where people were interested in reaching out to one another. The goal is to facilitate the sharing of resources amongst dKos members. It is meant to be a complement to that site, as dKos has a very particular mission that we don’t want to dilute. Additionally, it isn’t designed for sustained interaction in the form of ongoing dialogs or user-created content. So, we’re here… Continue

Posted by Allison Nevitt on November 17, 2008 at 12:00pm

The site has been up for 2 weeks now and I’m going to do something I have never done on blogs.

“I’m going to predict the future!”

Mwahahahahahaha! Photobucket

I believe this site will be one of the biggest additions to the liberal blogosphere EVER.

Scammers will take advantage of people with huge hearts.

Things will not be always great.

But I don’t see how a site like this can fail.

It truly is inspiring and none of it would of come about without the DailyKos COMMUNITY.

A blog is more than frontpagers and agendas.

It’s about community.

It’s the reason the Motley Moose was founded.

It’s the reason we’re getting more page hits than blogs that have been around a lot longer than this one.

Not that page hits are what make a blog relevant, but NOBODY can dispute the fact that the quality of bloggers and peeps on the Moose is outstanding.

It’s the emphasis on community which will make or break a site.

It’s what gets people to stick around and want to be a part of “it”.

I would do everything in my power to help a fellow Moose out.

Not because of THE Motley Moose.

That’s just a blog on a server.

But because this is a community filled with people I admire and care for.

Which is why I want Moose lurkers (who are just a big part of this place as Moose commenters) to feel comfortable coming down and engaging.

We love new voices and aggresive and respectful debate.

Moose kisses cat

Let’s never lose focus of why we founded the Moose in the first place.


  1. ragekage

    I’ll drop by Kos to get some news on what’s going on in the blogosphere’s biggest contributor, but I don’t care much for it otherwise. Places like The Moose are way better- we’ve got a real sense of community, people really take care of eachother and care about eachother.

  2. rfahey22

    We need large, bluntish websites like Daily Kos to forward progressive ideas, even when though there is a certain dark side to its political coverage at times and the ringleaders sometimes are clearly writing outside of their areas of expertise.  The benefits outweigh the cost.  

    People who want a deeper discussion, or to converse with one another in multiple sentences, can go to the Moose or other ports of call.  I’m proud that we’ve created an inviting, respectful community here.

  3. alyssa chaos

    during the primaries because I dont really appreciate melodrama or vitrol.

    But after all that passed I really have come to appreciate it [visit it regularly to see whats up], and I can see why its such a big asset, but can also see why people would opt out to participate in a smaller community.

    What does it take for a lurker to become active:

        -Passion about a certain topic/issue?

    hmm…trying to think why I stopped lurking and just hit ‘post’….[cant remember]…I think I finally just thought “why not. whats the worst that could happen, its the internet.”

    People lurk because …they’re shy? they feel unwelcomed? just plain apprehension?

    [I think the Moose is definitely a good place for people to start with their blogging shenanigans.]

  4. unless someone provides a direct link.  but it seems more like the paris of the blogosphere.  

    certainly dont have an account at kos.  i saw things during the primary, and even as recent as a few weeks ago that i dont care for.

    but i cede your point in that the new community offshoot seems lovely.

  5. you are going to bump into people you don’t like or agree with. The only way around that is heavy moderation. Then you end up with an echo chamber. There is a fine balance between keeping things civil and over-moderation. I’d prefer that MM never got large enough for that to be a problem. I think it can be managed up to the size of mydd, but anything larger than that will become unwieldy.  

  6. louisprandtl

    all sorts of places, a true melting pot of people. I was there just last week. DKos, unfortunately is not such a place.

    Unfortunately had to disagree with you on this one.

  7. Jjc2008

    but during the primaries I had to stay away most of the time.

    I still occasionally post.  Probably shouldn’t cause it is usually refuting something I see as an a**hole mentality.

    I like the Moose.  Still passionate debate but without the mob mentality.  

  8. SpanishFly

    None of the “bad” things seem to bother me.  There isn’t a single place on the net where you can find so many activists who believe many of the same things I believe.  I post there under a different user name and plan to always keep it that way.  

    So, I guess, I never really had to “move on”.  I love all my lefty brethren.  LOL

  9. and one that was way to vicious on both sides, especially amongst those still carrying the torch (again on both sides) but, I actually like DKos less nowadays then I did a month or so back. In my very humble opinion it has fallen into a cesspool of daily whinge fests and inconsequential updates on minutiae. When you spend time amongst constant complaint it becomes hard to identify what is really worth complaining about. And things are framed in such absolutist manners, “X is completely wrong for the job of Y, because they said Z ten years ago!!!”. It tires you out after awhile.

    The strong anti-Green (or any progressive other than Democratic) is also grating.  

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