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December 2008 in a Blink of an Eye and the Tube That Wouldn’t Die Open Thread.

Bwahahahahahahahehehheheh!!!!! I am in love with Joan Walsh. I saw this live earlier and watched her swat that smarmy, irritating, pretentious, hypocritical little troll across the room. I LOVE YOU JOAN WALSH AND TMP!!! I wish I could show you the entire exchange. It was priceless.

I think I love Sarah Palin as well! At least Headzup’s version of her.

Oh my God. A new Onion. I kissed my computer in complete graditude.

Heh. What the hell kind of potatoes and mushrooms did I use in the soup tonight? Updates might happen if anything else is funny.

Oh shite, I almost forgot the day, December 1, 2008. Better late than never, as they say.

Moving on.

[Update X 2] It’s like my birthday all over again! A whole bunch of new tubes from my favorite places.

Some businesses are booming.

The horror, the horror…the Onion.

Who says bush wants to go home?

Junta anyone?

Another update, another day, December 2, 2008, another 100 seconds. Man, this thing is getting long in the tubes.

Poor Billo. Do you think he is going to eat some worms?

December 3, 2008 in a blink of an eye and the diary tube that would not die.

Thank you Sarah Palin!

I wonder how many I can fit in here?


  1. SpanishFly

    In a love/hate sort of way.  I don’t feel the same revulsion to him I do of say, Billo or Coulter.  He’s just an arrogant drunk with a high intellect and a very selective, myopic, moral code.  He’ll never forgive the Clintons but then again, a President probably ought not fuck the help…

    I was a big fan of this particular Hitchens scribe so, I guess, when he’s agreeing with me, I like him.  How’s that for situational ethics?

  2. spacemanspiff

    … you all probably know about this site, but if one person doesn’t and discovers it now.

    It’s totally worth it.

    Other similiar sites (share links if you’ve got them!) but I’ve been diggging this one for some time now.

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