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Republicans Declare Obama Omnipotent!

Or so you’d think from listening to them. Amazing the sort of power a man can hold without even having assumed the Presidency! Here’s a couple examples just to spruce up your morning:

– Drudge reject Bretibart goes all Post hoc ergo propter hoc and claims that since stocks are down 1200 points since Obama’s election… it’s almost as though institutional investors don’t believe his ideas will work. Conveniently ignoring the 4600 point slide, of course, since the day Bush took office- no, sir, eight years of failed economic policy, and an economy on which an entire two-thirds of it’s net worth is based on service/consumption industries? Nah. Totally blameless.

– David French at NRO relates a story of his little girl, who cries “Daddy, I heard that Barack Obama wants to bring all the troops home from Iraq, and that we might lose the war.” I understand, however, he left out the part in the article where she also says “Daddy, I also heard that he wants to restore the capital gains tax to pre-1990 levels, and that his universal health care plan is tantamount to socialism.”

Ahh, the next four years are gonna be lots of fun!


  1. although everything they’ve done for the last 12 years kind of puts the lie to that. However, as a conservative party they have one thing to sell and that’s fear. Progressives believe things can get better. Conservatives fear change. That was the choice this election – hope or fear.

  2. NavyBlueWife

    All the military blogs that I keep an eye on have been very interesting since the election.  They remind me of the 2004 election fallout, only in reverse.

    I am so sick and fucking tired of hearing that we are going to “lose” the war in Iraq.  When confronted with the question–what does “winning” mean to you–I can’t get a response.  Why don’t we have a truly volunteer military on this one, and those who want to go win the war will get an all expenses paid trip to the bloody sandcastle (Iraq) and all those who want to come home can do just that.

    Afghanistan has been an entirely different approach though.  Most military people I have read are really happy about Obama’s approach to Afghanistan.  It seems that reason and logic take hold on that one.  You’ll notice, of course, that Afghanistan is rarely brought up by the right wing idiots because then they would have to agree with Obama.  God forbid.  Also, McCain not once mentioned Afghanistan in any of his debate performances.  What an asshat.

  3. spacemanspiff


    (slams down a jug of Kool-Aide)

    These rightwing blogs and fringe sites make Obama out to be A LOT more powerful than he really is (and he’s going to be POTUS).

  4. anna shane

    and they’s another survey that shows some significant percentage of pugs who voted for John are pleased with Barack’s professionalism.  

    There are very mixed feelings about the Iran exit plan.  There are some in the military who think somehow we’ve won something and can’t risk losing. What we’ve won?  A more powerful Iran?  

    But the level of addiction and PTSD in the Army, and less in the other branches but still significant, suggests that the boots on the ground know.  the standards for enlistment have been lowered to include close to rock bottom test scores, history of addiction before joining, and even violent gang members joining on the buddy system.  Recruiters are even ‘cheating’ to get some in who don’t qualify on the already lowered standards. And the troops need to rely on each other?  

    We need to get out of there, and asap. And we need to take our no-bid contracts with us, and bring out Iraqis who helped maybe a little too much for their own safety at home, and open those contracts to international investors, some of whom are from nations that warned Bush about invading Iraq and wanted nothing to do with it.  

    And by the way, there is no military solution in Afghanistan either.  


    Guatanemo, I can mount an argument to repurpose it.  We could call it a ‘retreat’ for rightwing pundits and conveniently lose the key.

  6. rfahey22

    I’ve always been interested in the whiteness of European/American Jesus paintings, considering that the historical man was undoubtedly much darker.

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