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Tinker Secretary of Reusing American Trash

Now that Barack has his job application site on line and everyone is in hurry up to be part of his efforts to change our landscape, I’d like to suggest a new cabinet position – Tinker Secretary.


Someone at mydd posed a question about our poorly maintained, depressing schools, who will pay to fix them?

I think that should be the job of the Tinker Secretary, TS. The TS would gather retired and available construction and invention experts who would then train and mentor kids in disadvantaged communities.  These kids would practice in their own homes, fixing plumbing and electricity, repairing walls, painting (all green of course).  And then they’d repair their school buildings.

But, do you know what’s the most green? it’s reusing what we already have, repairing what’s busted and unusable to make it glow and function again.  

That’s what tinkers do.

That’s why we need the Tinker Secretary.  

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  1. (or whatever the tag for that idea is) is on my mind a lot.   The Secretary of Tinkering is a neat thread along there – credit towards earning college tuition based on time and effort spent improving schools and other public fixtures.  Good experience for the kids, good benefit for the community.

  2. louisprandtl

    are losing good technicians and technical staff in droves to attrition, retirement and layoffs. Soon there wouldn’t be anybody who can qualify for the Tinker Secretary job…


    During the Great Depression my Dad’s family did not suffer as much as others because my grandfather had a small appliance repair shop.  That shop did a booming business when people couldn’t afford to replace their broken toasters and mixmasters.

    Which reminds me of my Mom’s family who were desperately poor during those same years.  Her Dad was in the Canadian forestry service and was told they were going to have to cut the size of the department.  He was to be kept and his co-worker would be laid off.  My grandfather knew his co-worker had 6 children to feed while he had only my mother so he suggested that he be laid off instead.  He never did fully recover financially from those years.

    My point, if I have one, is that mechanics do well during hard financial times.  And that hard times often bring out the best in people.

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