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Give Me a Fracking Sports Metaphor!

I am not a big sports fan. I have my reasons, of which none alter my admiration for true competition between worthy opponents. I am a huge fan of political elections, but find a similar distaste for the commercialization of what should be a pure expression of the wishes of the people.

The interesting thing is, sports and politics have a lot in common, and today a couple of sports metaphors seem to be the best expression of the mighty battle we have fought. This is the last few moments of eight (twenty eight?) long years of a losing team.

It is still a nail biter, and many of us are on the edge of our seats, feeling as if we will lose our minds waiting for the final score. Hang in there peeps and if you keep working, I am pretty sure we have this one in the bag.

Oh and Rachel Maddow has found a way to make me like football. So cool.

I do loves me some Rachel Maddow. Now sit back for a moment and enjoy…



  1. alyssa chaos

    “John McCain is playing defense on his own five yard line!” -Barack Obama

    forgive me if thats what rachel said, I cant watch the vid in here…

    now what do i win.

  2. This thanks to a great diary on DKOS

    Since the 1970s, a Democrat has only won the race to the White House on years when a Brit won the Formula 1 driver’s championship. A Brit has ONLY won on a Presidential Election year in those 38 years since 1970.

    And guess what happened yesterday. Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 Driver’s championship.

    Pretty good omen don’t you think?

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