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Obama: White Voters Didn’t Get the Memo

Obama was on The Daily Show Wednesday night, and as usual, he rocked the house and boosted ratings for the show to its highest ever.  But my absolute favorite part of the night was when Obama talked about race.  Obama said that white folks have not gotten the memo…


That is, the memo on how white folks won’t vote for a black man when they go into the voting booth, AKA the Bradley effect.…

Starting at 4:55.

Obama: I don’t think white voters have gotten this memo about the Bradley effect.

Stewart: …are you concerned that you may go into the voting booth, and…

Obama: I won’t know what to do.

Stewart: …your white half will all of a sudden decide, “I can’t do this!”

Obama: Yeah, yeah.  It’s a problem.  It’s a problem.  I’ve been going through therapy to make sure that I vote properly on the fourth.

One of the things that has always impressed me the most about Obama is his humility.  I look at his demeanor on this program, how comfortable he is, and I can tell that he is honest and truly humble.  He brings about a conversation on race that takes the sting out of racist hatred.  And I can’t wait to have him as my President and my Commander in Chief.  Truly epic. The JFK of my time.  

And to know ahead of time that I get to live through an amazing time in history is breathtaking!

And y’all, this here Southern white belle ain’t got no problem voting for that black man!

But in all seriousness, fellow Moosekateers, as Obama shows us, if you can’t laugh at yourself, well, then you just suck.



  1. Kysen

    And y’all, this here Southern white belle ain’t got no problem voting for that black man!

    I reckon this here Southern Boy has never been more proud to vote for someone in his life.

    I am exceedingly pleased that my new ‘Northern’ home (Virginia) is lookin’ to go to Obama.  🙂

    Saturday. Sunday. Monday….


    8 years.

    Tuesday we start the healing.


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