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  1. Just heading off to bed, and my birthday’s technically over, but more than happy to celebrate with my friends in an earlier time zone.

    Thanks NavyBlueWife. Love the Party Moose!

    Didn’t know Paddington shared a birthday with me

    Margaret Thatcher does – not so sure how I feel about that.

    Paul Simon – feel a bit better.

    Obama’s soaring the polls – feel even better still

  2. Kysen

    I love the bear from ‘deepest darkest Peru’, you are in good company.  😉

    Hope that your next year on this silly planet is filled with laughter.

  3. Don’t worry, you never have to leave Lost Boys Island.


    I’ll admit that it’s lethargic abuse,

    Putting up this old moose by dear Seuss.

    I had thought to be loose,

    and perhaps use a goose,

    (maybe caught in a spruce by a long loopy noose?),

    but you can’t beat a Seuss moose with a loose spruce noose goose.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Fogiv – I’ll give you the mail address where to ship those guitars

    Spiff – I’ll do the same for your sexy moose

    Meanwhile I was particularly grateful that you all organised this for my birthday. Cheers

  5. sricki

    And happy belated to your daughter too (is it scary to watch your kids growing up?). Typical that I should miss this thread when it went up. Got reamed by my mother a few weeks ago for waiting too long to mention her birthday, despite having remembered. But I hope you’ll consider Obama’s victory on November 4th a sort of belated present of its own. Hell, I will, and my birthday’s over seven months away.

    Navy, those are some truly fab pics.

  6. louisprandtl

    The Sun never sets on Pax Britannica, I presume…

    Some Scottish Bloke actually founded the Loyal Order of Mooses..I always thought that we had some Royal Lineages but now realize that Brit was the “Missing Link”!

    With thanks for Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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