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PPP – Colorado O51, M44


The movement over the last couple weeks has been particularly acute with independent voters. 56% of them say that the Palin choice makes them less likely to support McCain and what was a 49-38 lead for Obama with that group is now a 58-31 advantage.

Folks, the hits keep coming.  We’re rocketing up in Colorado, New Mexico, and Iowa.  Please remember how significant that combination of states is.  I honestly think that with those three and Virginia we’re in an unassailable position.

Go Colorado!  Interestingly, Governor Palin’s unfavorables seem to have jumped above her favorability rating in this poll.  If that’s true in Colorado, a home to quite a few evangelicals, one wonders how she’s doing elsewhere.

Seven points, folks!


  1. Colorado is an interesting mix of folks, with the Alternative Music Granola-bar crowd particularly pronounced.  A very Independent Rocky Mountain version of the Pacific Northwest.

  2. rfahey22

    unless we’re talking about changing it in Obama’s favor.  Had McCain picked Jindal or someone with economic creds, maybe he’d be up right now.  Jindal’s a kook, but at least he sounded like he had his act together in evacuating New Orleans.

  3. that shows he is putting politics ahead of country. The more he claims Obama will do anything to get elected, the more he shows that this is true about himself. He plays politics with the economic crisis and then accuses Obama of doing that. He plays politics with his VP pick and then accuses Obama of caring more about winning than about the country. Voters aren’t stupid, at least most of them. Enough people see through these antics to the real McCain. The movement towards Obama may be a tsunami by election day.

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