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On Winning the Midwest: Part 1

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Last week, we finished surveying the lay of the land out West. This week, we begin to turn our attention to the Midwest. Yes, that’s right. The Midwest looks to be once again a crucial battleground to win both the White House and Congress. And with just six weeks left until election day, we’d like to talk about the state of the races in America’s Heartland.

So would you like to join us?

Let’s begin with Ohio. Ohio may yet again be THE critical swing state this year, as polls show an extremely tight race here. However, the Presidential race isn’t the only exciting contest in The Buckeye State. We also have some great opportunities to win some more Congressional seats as well!

In the Columbus based 15th District, we have a great candidate in Mary Jo Kilroy. She’s currently a Franklin County (Columbus) Commissioner who has a terrific record of accomplishments in bringing Republicans and Democrats together to enact real solutions to the county’s economic, health care, and environmental problems. But while Kilroy offers a message of real change, her Republican opponent only offers more of the same Bush-Cheney-McCain nonsense. Mary Jo Kilroy nearly ousted the Republican incumbent in 2006 (who’s now retiring) and Bush barely squeaked by with 50% of the vote here in 2004, so this district is ripe for the picking in 2008! With the DCCC and EMILY’S List already all in here, our help can really help put Mary Jo Kilroy (and Barack Obama, for that matter!) on top this November.

Another race that the DCCC and other top Democrats are targeting in Ohio is the 16th District. Here, Air Force veteran and current state representative John Boccieri is running to bring some real change for Northeast Ohio. He’s fought for our country, and he now wants to fight for Ohioans… For more and better jobs, affordable health care, and real help in these perilous economic times. Meanwhile, Republican Kurt Schuring… Well, he’s not quite as fond of his possible future constituents. This race is quite winnable for Democrats, and we have a terrific candidate in John Boccieri. If we support him, he will win.

Another state that’s critical for Barack Obama this fall is Michigan. The race here is close, but the renewed focus on the economy does seem to help Obama here. If there’s any state that’s been severely hit by the economic downturn, it’s Michigan.  And hopefully with Obama’s message resonating here, we can also elect more good Democrats to Congress from here.

One great candidate running is Gary Peters from Michigan’s 9th District (Oakland County, Detroit suburbs). Peters is an accomplished state legislator, business owner, and a Navy Veteran who signed up again to serve after 9/11. Unlike the incumbent Republican Joe Knollenberg, Peters wants to get to work to help rebuild Michigan’s economy. But in order to make change happen here, we need to help Gary Peters win.

Michigan and Ohio are two critical swing states for Barack Obama to win this fall. If he wins them both, he’ll likely win the White House. But in addition to the Presidential race, we have critical Congressional races to win as well in these two states. Please don’t forget to help all these wonderful Democrats win by giving what you can here and by volunteering for the campaign if you live in or near any of these districts. With our help, we’ll make victory happen on November 4 in the Midwest and all over the country! 🙂


  1. sanguine giant

    I think you are forgetting about some states that have great candidates running for the House:

    In MN which is tightening up as Palin revved up the wingnut base in the northern suburbs:

    Ashwin Madia in MN-03 and Steve Sarvi in MN-02 (Madia would be around a coin flip to win, Sarvi around 35%).

    Or looking to Iowa (corn capital of the US and a state Johm McCain will never win)

    In IA-04 Becky Greenwald is running in a district that is D+0.  Combine that with the new found strength of the democratic machine in IA and she should have a coin flip chance to defeat Rep. Latham

    Or looking at Illinois

    In IL-11 in an open seat Debbie Halvorson is leading even in the republican candidates own internal polling.

    Yeah, just showing my midwest pride.

    Good post

  2. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Working as I do for a national campaign that puts me in contact with folks from around the country I’m convinced  — when it comes to the Michigan economy?  Ya’ll don’t get it.  

    Our houses are worth less than half of what they were worth five years ago. I know folks who are close to upside down on the home equity loans.  Folks who a few years ago seemed to have it made — engineers, computer types, lawyers, even some medical professionals — are scared shitless.  Sure they could  move someplace else, but who’s going to buy their house?  

    The saying used to be, when the country gets a cold Detroit gets pneumonia.  Yeah, well, we’ve been on life support for over a year. And the only thing that will save us is manufacturing.

    I heard a pundit say recently that the country is suffering because, put plainly, we don’t make anything to sell anymore.    We import just about everything except food and export raw materials — we have become a third world country when it comes to trade and Michigan has felt that for quite some time.

    “Jobs” is not going to be good enough to sway Michigan voters.  We know from experience that the whole rest of the country could be rolling in jobs and we’re still screwed.  One sure way to win in Michigan?  Treat us like the ICU patient, the canary in the coalmine, we are and devise a plan JUST for Michigan.  

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