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First Two Tracking Polls of the Day Are Out

Either McCain’s bounce is diminishing, or the economic crisis is starting to move numbers, or perhaps it’s both, or maybe it’s just statistical noise, but Obama’s fortunes have improved in the two tracking polls released this morning:


McCain 48

Obama 47

Rasmussen observes, “This is the third straight day Obama has been at 47% while McCain has dropped a point on each of the past two days.”

The other poll out this morning is Research 2000/Daily Kos:

Obama 48

McCain 44

In today’s Research 2000/Daily Kos poll, Obama has stayed steady, and McCain has declined by one point.  This is the same phenomenon, with different numbers, that Rasmussen observed.


  1. Reaper0bot0

    One wonders how much further this goes.  The news from Virginia has been fantabulous, Pennsylvania less so.

    We need to drill down in a few of the “Kerry” states.  If we can secure PA and MI comfortably then I won’t worry to much.  Minnesotta flips in their dreams.

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