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A Diary Rescue and Update on The View interview with the McCain’s

tarheel74 posted an excellent diary yesterday about The View interviewing Mr and Mrs McCain. My Mother asked me if I had seen the episode, and then told me it was the toughest interview she has ever seen with the McCain’s. This prompted me to watch the full interview and read tarheel74’s diary. The only problem I had was s/he did not include the full interview. I think everyone in American should see this.

Kudos to HappyCityGirl for posting this full interview on YouTube. Send this everyone you know please and please check out tarheel74’s diary.


  1. alyssa chaos

    who would grill McCain, you know really make him shit bricks, I would have never guessed Whoopi, Joy or Barbara.

    Barbara rocked it.

    ughh the part about the seperation of church and state, hearing McCain spew about religion’s place in gov and roe v wade, just being all religious-y was nauseating.

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