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Annoucement: Friday Night “Open Moose!”

Howdy Folks, and Welcome to the Motley Moose Lounge!

Wanna blow off some steam?  

Crack a few one liners?  

Cuss up a storm?

You’ve found the right place.  Don’t miss the inaugural Friday night “Open Moose,” starting at 7pm EDT tonight.

Just remember…we don’t do straight politics here.  

Bring your chops, your jokes, and your sense of humor…clothing is optional, as always.

Cheers, and see you tonight!



  1. Hollede

    Dude, where have you been? I missed you. Bring everybody else back now please ;~) I will see you tonight right here, but I gotta go see an attorney now, (so he can tell me being assaulted and injured doesn’t really matter 🙁

  2. KLRinLA

    It was in my junk email folder, which would explain a lot.  It’s pretty funny, the repubs want to boycott Brillo!!!  Ha ha ha ha ha

    The Los Angeles Republican’s Alliance

    Dear XXXXX,

    Bill O’Reilly is having Barack Obama on tonight’s show directly opposite (in some time zones) John McCain’s Acceptance Speech.  Obama is playing him like a violin – playing him like the Spinmeister he often is – to do what McCain said he wouldn’t do. In fact McCain had a congratulator ad run before Barack’s acceptance speech. So what does the backstabbing Obama do, he agrees to appear on Bill O’Reilly’s show to pay John back for his gracious gesture.  And what does O’Reilly do – buys into the liberal deception to help the Democrats. Do everyone a favor and boycott tonight’s show.  Bill O’Reilly’s only interest is soft-balling Obama to gain political points. He wouldn’t want to appear biased now would he?

    Jeffers M. Dodge


    and LARA

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