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Dear God,

Dear God,

I know that America is your favorite and that you have been angry with us. I know that you were smiting the United States of America for it’s perversions, when those Ayrabs flew those planes into the twin towers, and I know you took your vengeance upon New Orleans and America with Katrina, because of the queers and feminists and liberals. And Dear God I know you sent us George Walker Bush to save us from those Godless terrorists, and that you told John McCain to choose a good woman like Mrs Palin for his VP. (BTW, I was getting a little worried about John, but now I feel so much better.)

I know all of my friends and I are really excited about the God Fearing Republican Party again and am so looking forward to the Republican Convention in Minnesota this week.

But God, you know I am not one to complain or anything, but I went to Denver a couple of weeks ago with a friend and asked you for something;

Now, I am not angry or anything, but did it have to be such a perfect day and evening?

Well, you know best. But God, I am getting really worried today. I see another great big hurricane is bearing down on the gulf again. And, well, they are saying it might hit New Oleans again. Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t give a kittens whiskers about THOSE people, but I am nervous about the timing.

Goodness gracious, they are even talking about delaying the party next week or turning it into some sort of community service event. Well, I am a republican for a reason, I only do charity for worthy folks. Now we have reservations, and do you actually think they will give us a refund at this point? What I really mean to say God, is that this kind of makes us look bad. Why bring up painful memories?

Sorry this is pretty sick. It is inspired by a conversation I had with someone yesterday. She might not have been this bad, but was damn close.

It is definitely a work in progress so please don’t rec or anything. Just really bored and can’t do much because of my bloody ankle.